How long does it take for my yarn/event to be published?

All yarns, stories or events have to be reviewed before they are published. Once they’re reviewed, if there are no problems, it will be published within 24 hours. If there is anything that needs to be changed, you will be contacted via the email you gave us.


My yarn/event didn’t get published. Why not? What can I do about it?

If your event/yarn was not published within 24 hours, you should have been contacted by a moderator with any questions or concerns. You will be given an opportunity to revise your submission and resubmit it. If you don’t think you got the email, check your spam or junk mail box. If you still can’t find any message from our moderator, please email us at:


What can I do to promote my event?

When you submit your event to Deadly Gippsland, we will list it on the event calendar for free. You can also contact us at info@deadlygippsland.com.au to ask about having your event featured on the front page. We also recommend putting your event on other website, such the local council, Meetup, Eventbrite and social media such as Facebook and Twitter.
You can easily promote on social media using the social sharing buttons on your Deadly Gippsland event page once it's been published.


Why was an event not on as promoted?

Deadly Gippsland makes every effort to keep the calendar up to date, however we do not directly run events. We encourage you to check back to this website regularly for updates and confirm details with event organisers. Any changes to events will also be promoted on our Facebook page.


What can I do if I think something’s wrong on the page?

If you notice things aren’t quite right on the website, please contact us at info@deadlygippsland.com.au. Please remember to tell us 1) the exact mistake you found and 2) the url of the page you found it on (eg. https://deadlygippsland.com.au/resources/about/). We aim to correct any problems within 24 hours whenever possible.


What if my photo is used without my permission?

Photos are often submitted by community members as part of events or yarns and while we ask that contributors have permission, some photos may appear without your consent or you may withdraw your permission. If you would like your photo removed please contact us at info@deadlygippsland.com.au. and provide us with the url of the page you found it on (eg. http://deadlygippsland.kinsta.cloud/resources/about/) and a screen shot or description of the photo. We will aim to correct any problems within 24 hours.