Deadly Competition Time!

Hey all our Deadly Gippsland followers!!!!

We are running a deadly competition to give away some deadly merch including polo tops, beach towels and beanies!!

All have our Deadly Gippsland logo on them designed by Dixon Patten.

If you would like to receive a tops / towel / beanie is to:

post a yarn on the Deadly Gippsland website click on the menu tab and click yarns – add a yarn! to go into the draw.

The yarn can be about what’s positive about sport / community gatherings / culture / arts etc, can include a photo. and this will then we shared to the facebook site!

We love to hear about community doing great things!

This comp will be for community members in the Gippsland area also.

Be sure to get in quick as we have a limited number of each items!

If you have any questions or issues with submitting, please contact

Lisa Williams – Deadly Gippsland Program – 0428 456 760 or send us a message through the facebook page –

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