Online ‘My Health Record’ for everyone – unless you opt out in the next 3 months

The ‘My Health Record’ will allow a range of benefits’ – from a full medication summary, to a record of diagnostic reports, through to the ability for patients to enter their own notes. Ultimately it’s a tool that will help patients better track their own health and medical history. People can choose which healthcare information they’d like to store in their ‘My Health Record’ and who they’d like to share it with.”
We now have 3 months to opt out of ‘My Health Record’ if we choose not to have our medical information online. Following this 3 month period those of us who that don’t opt out will have a online ‘My Health Record’.
People who do not want a ‘My Health Record’ can opt out by visiting the My Health Record website or by calling 1800 723 471 for phone-based assistance.
Additional support is available to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, people from non-English speaking backgrounds, people with limited digital literacy, and those living in rural and remote regions.

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