Workshop for Aboriginal business owners and entrepreneurs

The future for Aboriginal business owners and entrepreneurs in the Latrobe Valley – including Latrobe City Council and Wellington and Baw Baw Shire Regions

The Victorian Aboriginal Economic Board (VAEB) wants to hear your views on how to build a future for Aboriginal-owned businesses. This event is a follow up to the VAEB’s Aboriginal Economic Development in the Valley event that was held in June 2018.

We know that the government is interested in supporting Aboriginal business owners and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, and has been consulting with community a lot about how to do this. But we also know that what the government is doing isn’t necessarily leading to any changes on the ground in the Latrobe Valley. This workshop is about finding out why.

The workshop will focus on getting your views on the following questions:
– What’s your vision for your own business, and for the Aboriginal business community?
– What supports are already available for Aboriginal-owned businesses?
– What’s working and what’s not?
– Where should government and industry focus to better support the region’s Aboriginal business community?

If you know of any Aboriginal business owners, or people who would like to establish a business, please send them this information!

Venue in Latrobe Valley to be confirmed – register your interest below to receive information when a venue is confirmed
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Get in touch with Jonathan Finighan at and 0490 347 026 for more information.
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